Angelo Galasso NFT Launch

First ever NFT born as a collaboration between the Italian Master of fashion design and craftsmanship and a master creative of digital art, extending into the 21st century the historic bond between visual art and fashion

We are excited to announce the launch of the AG NFT, a new format Non Fungible Token combining digital artwork with a limited series physical product (a “digital twin”) merging the best of the digital and physical art-forms into a new symbiotic relationship.

The project is a collaboration with acclaimed digital artist Lee Robinson and technology ecosystem EdenBase creating a new market for luxury fashion whilst helping solve counterfeiting and provenance for the industry.

The NFT series will comprise of a unique piece of digital art with a limited series luxury product exclusively designed for the NFT owners. In line with our tradition and heritage, the physical products will be handcrafted by artisans in Italy and delivered in approximately 8 weeks.

To Purchase

On the 4th of April 2021, a very limited series will be sold on GoNft, the leading Asian digital art platform, and Opensea, the largest industry marketplace, where we are launching a dedicated brand store.

Buyers of the AG NFT’s will be able to collect their exclusive ‘twinned’ AG limited series City Backpack from the AG flagship store in Knightsbridge London, or have the item shipped to their preferred address.

The Concept

The first Angelo Galasso NFT explores the concept of ‘Genesis’. The symbol of the primordial beginning, birth, of a dragon from a Genesis Egg.
The dragon brings an element of mystical creature to a sterile environment, made of white marble columns covered with gold chip-like motifs. An eclipse takes the viewer to a contrasting dark, gothic, mysterious environment, where we see hints of the creature born from our Genesis Egg.
The dragon is a symbol central to our brand, starting form our logo which blends the Angelo’s initials into the mythical creature, and originated from a vision- like-dream he had as a teenager.

The Physical Twin

This Limited Edition AG backpack is made from our very own personalised grain reinforced canvas, printed in a geometric motif comprising our iconic AG Dragon Logo. Star feature of the item, the finely engraved golden egg button detail, making this physical twin the natural representation of the digital NFT.

Extremely high functionality details include, on the outside, breathable fabric back for comfort and adjustable padded shoulder straps, 3 spacious flap pockets; on the inside, two distinct environments with multiple multi-function pockets, including: phone and wireless charger 2 in 1 pocket, power-bank pocket with pen/stylus holder, padded laptop pocket, regular document pocket and a padded tablet pocket. All the black details are made from the highest quality grain leather, featuring gold custom hardware all around.

A sneak peak of the physical twin, the AG City Backpack and AG Engraved Button below:

What is an NFT?

NFT is a way of registering (tokenising) a single digital, original object on a blockchain to create a permanent proof of ownership. The owner of the token is the sole registered owner of the original piece.

Angelo Galasso are linking the digital proof of ownership of the digital artwork to a limited series physical exclusive fashion item creating a symbiotic relationship between a digital and physical product, digital twin authenticating each others.

What's Next?

This will be the first of a Series of AG NFTs which Angelo Galasso will develop with multimedia artists, all exploring different journeys and themes, but all part of the evolution from the same AG theme. Collecting all NFTs in the series will reveal further exclusive content and ultimately the completed concept.

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In the next series, the rest of the limited edition capsule collection will be revealed.